It was wanting to boost his career in the cyber security domain that led Michael Booth to undertake a Master of Cyber Security, Strategy and Diplomacy, of which he is about graduate.

Michael has been able to embed himself into his studies with UNSW Canberra, setting him up with advanced expertise in cyber security, a domain that is growing in importance.

“Cyber operations and cyber security are becoming more and more part of our everyday lives,” he said. 

A clear example of the constantly changing and dynamic technological world, Michael was able to connect with his studies as an online student, receiving an abundance of support from his lecturers and professors. 

“With all the modern ways of connecting via the internet, you get the same learning experience you would if you were attending classes on campus, with the added bonus of making the study work to your own schedule.


“Studying via distance was made very easy and the lecturers were very good at helping me and communicating through different methods,” Michael said. 

Despite having to balance study, work and family, ‘just do it!’ is the advice Michael provides for other students looking to pursue studying via distance.

“It takes a bit of effort, particularly in organisation and time management, but UNSW Canberra provides all the tools you need to succeed,” he said. 

Not only has his flexible course provided vital foundational learnings in cyber, but Michael is looking forward to transferring his skills and knowledge across domains as he begins his next role as an instructor in Defence.

“The knowledge gained from this course has allowed me to be more informed with my workplace and has given me a greater understanding both of Australian capabilities and the capabilities of other countries around the world.”