A GP with a strong passion for high value and person-centred care will be lending his expertise to UNSW Canberra when he joins as an Adjunct Associate Professor at UNSW Canberra Business and the Public Service Research Group (PSRG).

Dr Dawda spends half of his workweek undertaking clinical duties with a focus on providing accessible healthcare for those with complex and chronic conditions, while spending the other half of his week working across portfolios on health service improvement and innovation.

“These include models of care that focus on delivering outcomes that matter to patients, efficiency of healthcare services, use of technology to deliver optimal value and integration of care within and across sectors. This latter interest has led me to be the inaugural Editor in Chief of BMJ’s Integrated Healthcare Journal,” he said. 

Dr Dawda brings an exemplary background in significant international and national healthcare experience, with a strong passion for high value and person-centred care for people, communities and societies.

“This includes high performing health systems and all the enablers that support high performance such as leadership, improvement and innovation capability, workforce innovation and meaningful use of technology and measurement.

“I observed so many synergies in the work of the PSRG and my own interests. Although my own interests are in health, the broad themes align so much with the PSRG’s research themes of inclusion, ethics, capability and complex systems,” Dr Dawda said.

The opportunity to join the PSRG provides an avenue for authentic collaboration, contributing to credible research and teaching which can be drawn from Dr Dawda’s expertise in primary care and healthcare reform.

“As an Adjunct, I’m very much looking forward to being part of a learning community and collectively exploring ideas and solutions to address the wicked challenges for public services,” Dr Dawda said.