In​ response to increased cases of COVID-19 in NSW, further public health measures are being put in place to minimise the risk of COVID-19 transmission related to participation in community sport. These updated recommendations will help us to meet the NSW Government’s aim of achieving no community transmission in NSW and will support community sport to continue operating safely.

It is essential that community sports organisations have a COVID-19 safety plan​ in place, and are fully compliant. 

In addition, please implement the following updated public health recommendations:

  • Cease activities that result in the mixing of participants and staff from different regions, for example by ceasing zone, regional or state championships or competitions*
  • Cease any activities that result in overnight stays (e.g. multi-day training camps) due to increased risk of COVID transmission in residential-type settings with shared facilities
  • Cease face-to-face social activities relating to community sports (e.g. award ceremonies, end-of-season social gatherings, post-training group dinners)
  • Avoid carpools or bus travel with people from different household groups where possible
  • For local activities, limit spectators to one parent only, where the child requires parental supervision during the sporting activity.

At this stage it is anticipated that these recommendations will need to be in place for the next six weeks. Continued updates will be provided in relation to the continued need for these public health measures.

Covid recommendations infographic

*Examples of inter-regional mixing include activities which bring together participants (including spectators and officials) from organisations in different regions of Sydney, from a rural area into a metro area and vice versa, and movement between different rural areas​​​.​

For further information please refer to the NSW Office of Sport - COVID-19 Update​