Another huge win for the Men's Premier Division team, beating the Inner West Magpies by almost 100 points. Ned Reinhard led the scoring with three goals, while captain-coach Dean Towers, Errol Gulden, Cooper Kilpatrick, Thomas Banuelos, Kaia Reynolds-Erler and Liam Hoy bagged two each. The team is sitting in third place on the ladder with one round of the regular season remaining. Unfortunately it was another tough week for the Women's Premier Division Team going down by 91 points.

UNSW-ES Bulldogs player takes a contested mark
It's been a tough season for the Women's Premier Division team, but they have shown incredible spirit and determination through adversity. Photo: UNSW-ES Bulldogs

Full results

Men's Premier Division: UNSW-ES Bulldogs defeated Inner West Magpies 19.13 (137) to 5.7 (37)
Women's Premier Division: UNSW-ES Bulldogs lost to Inner West Magpies 12.19 (91) to 0.0 (0)
Men's Premier Division Reserves: UNSW-ES Bulldogs defeated Inner West Magpies 16.14 (110) to 6.4 (40)
Men's Division One: UNSW-ES Bulldogs lost to Sydney Uni 3.4 (22) to 18.13 (121)
Men's Division Three: UNSW-ES Bulldogs defeated Sydney Uni 12.5 (77) to 4.10 (34)
Men's Under 19 Division One: UNSW-ES Bulldogs defeated Sydney Uni 12.5 (77) to 4.10 (34)


An entertaining and high scoring draw for the Women's Metro League 1 team this week against the second placed ND Strikers keeps UNSW in fourth place with one round of the regular season remaining. Lizzie Rae scored two goals for UNSW, with Jessica Watterson slotting in one. In Men's Premier League 1, UNSW scored a comprehensive victory over Briars and are sitting in sixth place with three rounds remaining. Joshua Mayo, Thomas Miotto and Samuel Mudford scored a goal each in Saturday's win.

A UNSW men's hockey player hits the ball
The UNSW hockey teams have made good progress in season 2020. Photo: UNSW Hockey Club

Full results:
Women's Metro League 1: UNSW drew with ND Strikers 3-3
Men's Premier League 1: UNSW defeated Briars 3-0
Women's Metro League 2: UNSW defeated MosHarbour 2-1
Men's Premier League 2: UNSW defeated Briars 5-0
Women's Metro League 3: UNSW lost to ND Strikers 1-2
Men's Premier League 3: UNSW defeated Briars 2-1
Women's Metro League 5: UNSW defeated ND Strikers 2-0
Women's Metro League 6: UNSW drew with ND Strikers 1-1


A comprehensive victory for the UNSW Seis in A1 saw them finish the Covid-shortened regular season as minor premiers. They now progress to the 1v2 playoff for the premiership this Saturday, where they will take on Double Bay Diamonds. The two teams haven't met since round one of the competition back in July, where UNSW emerged victorious by 13 goals.

Full results:

A1: UNSW Seis defeated Coogee 44-16
A1: UNSW Black lost to Double Bay Diamonds 34-41
B1: UNSW Pilots defeated Maccabi Inters 51-8
B1: UNSW Blues lost to Bondi Phoenix 28-11
B2: UNSW Minkies lost to Randwick Rugby 28-21
B3: UNSW Orcas defeated Maroubra Bay Cyclones 37-14

B3: UNSW Grays defeated The Juniors 31-24
C1: UNSW Omurais defeated UNSW Mobies 27-12
C1: UNSW Seals lost to Coogee 24-42
C3: UNSW Fins lost to Saints Seniors 22-33
C4: UNSW White defeated Duchesses 18-13
Intermediate 2: UNSW Dolphins defeated Randwick Rugby 25-13


A huge win to UNSW in the Barraclough Cup propels them into next week's semi finals with a bang, defeating Lindfield by just shy of 60 points. Fullback Devon Makoare-Boyce was in his usual sparkling form with two tries and five conversions for the match. Left flanker Andrew Walsh also contributed with two tries of his own, while Edward Mackey, Andrew Coles, Cody King-Pittma, Aporosa Ada, Afonso Firmo and Steve Comninos each scored one. Next week they will take on Hunters Hill for a place in the grand final. The last time the two teams met, it was a grinding win to Hunters Hill, but UNSW will be ready for a big match and their form has improved greatly since the last meeting. The semi final will be at 3:15pm on Saturday and will be streamed live on Clutch TV - follow UNSW Rugby Club on Facebook for all the streaming details.

UNSW Rugby Club
The Barraclough Cup, Stockdale Cup and Richardson Cup teams have all qualified for this weekend's semi finals. Photo: UNSW Rugby Club

Full results
Barraclough Cup: UNSW defeated Lindfield 64-5
Stockdale Cup: UNSW defeated Lindfield 60-0
Robertson Cup (Colts): UNSW lost to Lindfield 14-55
Blunt Cup: UNSW lost to Lindfield 7-57
Richardson Cup: UNSW defeated Lindfield 29-10


Another good win for the Men's NPL4 team, taking down Western NSW FC at Valentine Sports Park on Tuesday night - a make up game from one that was abandoned earlier in the season. Peter Prandalos and Maison Mcgeechan were the goal scorers for UNSW. UNSW are second on the ladder with three rounds remaining in the regular season. In the Women's NPL2, UNSW went down in a close contest to the Central Coast Mariners. A strong second half defensive performance from the team held up the scoring, but they weren't able to capitalise at the other end of the park.

UNSW Football Club teams sitting in front of the goal
A much-improved season for the entire UNSW Football Club this season is a result of hard work and excellent club spirit. Photo: UNSW Football Club

Full results
Men's NPL 4: UNSW defeated Western NSW FC 2-0
Women's NPL 2: UNSW lost to Central Coast Mariners 0-1