I am Varun V. More , a master’s by Coursework student who started his studies at UNSW in 2018 when the university still followed the semester system. Now, after two years (almost) of studies here at School of Materials Science an Engineering, my decision to select this master’s programme seems to be fruitful. Indeed, the beginning was never a cake walk. Coming from completely different cultural and academic background, it took me a while to adapt to this new culture, while it was the peer- mentoring that help me to find some new friends. Getting to learn various courses from faculties, of which some are considered as the finest in their respective fields was truly as incredible experience. The opportunity of having an independent research project in master’s degree can be termed as cherry on the cake. It has not only helped me to apply the theoretical concepts into real-world applications, but also served as the platform to evolve in technical aspects while learning various skillsets that makes a student more employable and to work on projects which can add an exclusivity to resume of the researcher.

Varun at Open Day

However, it was the PGSOC which has truly helped me to evolve socially and professionally as well. Since getting introduced to PGSOC in the initial days of my studies, I was very keen to be the part of this team, and eventually I got the opportunity to work in the Executive Committee of this constitutional club for two years now.


PGSOC Executive Committee 2018-2019 PGSOC Executive Committee 2019-2020

Right from organising professional events like the Annual Poster Competition, End of the Year Party to organising social events Friday Socials and Trivia Night and Sports Day with the undergrads, representing the issues faced by students to the administration of the School, PGSOC has given me an immense opportunity to develop my skillset. Indeed, I had a memorable time at UNSW along with learning the technical aspects of materials, working on a cutting-edge research project and making some friends for life.

Varun at Open Day 2