Yuwaya Ngarra-li’s work on food security has received national attention over the past month. Aboriginal people in remote communities including Walgett have been raising concerns about the affordability and quality of food for many years. COVID-19 has brought important scrutiny including a Commonwealth House of Representatives Inquiry into Food Pricing and Food Security in Remote Indigenous Communities.

The Dharriwaa Elders Group (DEG) and Walgett Aboriginal Medical Service (WAMS) made a submission to the Inquiry which references Yuwaya Ngarra-li’s work in this area including our Food and Water for Life program. Yuwaya Ngarra-li’s Walgett Partnership Manager Wendy Spencer and WAMS CEO Christine Corby’s appearance before the Inquiry received widespread media attention

In their words, "Addressing food and water insecurity in Australia demands a considered response that privileges an Aboriginal paradigm of health and culture, including the continued connection between people and Country that has existed over many thousands of years."