Claudia - 3rd year Mining Engineering student

Good marks and experience in subjects like Mathematics and Physics aren’t the only factors we consider when determining your suitability to study Engineering at UNSW. Yes, it helps to ensure we have the brightest minds when you’re going through one of the most academically rigorous degrees, but without passion and drive, success is not guaranteed.

This drive and passion for a future in Engineering combined with our understanding that your ATAR results do not always represent your true academic ability led us to create FEAS.

FEAS is the Faculty of Engineering Admissions Scheme that gives students an opportunity to demonstrate their suitability for a career in engineering if their ATAR does not reflect their full potential. FEAS considers your ATAR plus scores in maths and other relevant subjects to in a broader context.  

Many UNSW Engineering students are thriving in their degrees thanks to entry through FEAS. Claudia is a 3rd year Mining Engineering student who believed that her ATAR did not reflect her full potential in problem solving, creative thinking and project management. FEAS helped Claudia showcase her performance in relevant subjects and extracurricular activities to bridge this gap.  

“I chose to study at UNSW as it has been my dream since High School to study engineering at the best faculty of engineering in Australia. I applied for FEAS to showcase my skill sets which would make me a suitable candidate for UNSW Engineering”.

Students applying through UNSW’s FEAS program will need to submit their Year 12 report, a video demonstrating their suitability to study engineering and a personal statement.

The video submission is for you to tell us about your motivation and passion to study engineering.

Claudia shared some advice on what to cover in your FEAS video submission: “I talked about why I wanted to study engineering as well as the various projects and extracurricular activities which demonstrates a range of skill sets that are suitable for this degree. An example of this is a database management system I created part of my studies in Information Processes and Technology during the HSC, where I talked about how I had to be creative in my approach to problem solving using Microsoft Access.

I also mentioned my involvement in Airforce cadets, Orchestra, Peer Support, which showcased how I can be a good leader and collaborative team member. 

In my personal statement, I gave more context on my passion towards engineering, including my love for science and mathematics as well as growing up in a family of engineers”.

At UNSW Claudia has by made the most of the opportunities available to her. In her first year, Claudia found it challenging to balance the workload of study with downtime and adjusting to university life. Luckily UNSW offers a range of support that helped Claudia adjust to university life more quickly.

“I got support through talking to my academic advisor, who suggested me to make use of the available ‘drop in’ centre, where tutors can help with answering any of your questions. Student societies such as MATHSOC organise revision sessions, which helped me in my preparation for my final exams”.

UNSW Engineering students have access to a range of professional development opportunities to give you a competitive edge and graduate career-ready. Claudia’s most valuable experience at UNSW was her internship as a vacation mining engineer at Glencore as part of her Industrial Training (which is a 60-day work experience requirement).

“I was given the opportunity to contribute to the company’s daily project, designing waste dumps and haul roads which was implemented by the big machineries on site. Living at the mine also opened my eyes to the real working condition in this industry that is not taught in class, such as the challenges of working in a remote area and working a 12-hour shift.”

Industrial Training is not the only opportunity available when you study Engineering at UNSW. Our unique ChallENG program and student clubs and societies (with over 20 dedicated to Engineering) ensure you can get involved, get hands-on and find people who share your interests.

Boost your chances of admission to Australia's leading Engineering school. FEAS applications are now open.

Claudia’s top tips when submitting a FEAS application:

  • Make sure that your video application is personal but keep it relevant.
  • Showcase your passion for engineering and apt for problem solving and innovation through personal/school projects you’ve done, no matter how big or small they are.
  • Talk about extracurricular activities which draw out your strength for collaborative teamwork, thinking creatively and other skills that shows that you would make a great engineer.
  • Most importantly, take time to revise your script to make sure that all your points are communicated succinctly within the limited timeframe of the video. 

Find out more about FEAS and submit your application at

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