On Tuesday October 6, Treasurer Josh Frydenberg will announce the most significant budget since World War II. UNSW has academic experts available to comment on Australia’s economic situation in response to this announcement.


  • JW Nevile Fellow in Economics Tim Harcourt:

General impact on the economy, the manufacturing package, labour market, crisis, and recovery (bushfires, drought, COVID-19), industry relief and international trade.

You can contact him directly on 0408 485 479 or e-mail tim.harcourt@unsw.edu.au

  • Associate Professor School of Taxation, Rob Nicholls:

Cybersecurity in the context of small businesses and regulation, stimulating the digital economy (including NBN and capacity building), media regulation and platform businesses (the Fletcher announcements), competition policy changes, including the Consumer Data right.

You can contact him directly on 0412 646 477.

Available before 10.30 pm and before 5pm on Tuesday, for anyone who is not in the budget lockdown room, and available generally throughout the week.

  • Professor Gigi Foster, School of Economics:

General impact on the economy.

You can e-mail directly at gigi.foster@unsw.edu.au

  • Professor and CEO of the Centre for Social Impact Kristy Muir:

The impact on young people and the JobMaker payments.

Available Tuesday, Wednesday 1-4pm. 

  • Associate Professor of Finance Mark Humphery-Jenner:

The impact to government debt and financial impact on the economy.

You can contact him on 0412 965 340 or at m.humpheryjenner@unsw.edu.au.

Available Monday, Tuesday before 2.30pm or after 7pm, Wednesday, Thursday besides 12-3pm, Friday. 

  • Senior Research Fellow, UNSW Law, Claire Higgins:

 The impact to refugees and asylum seekers

  • Associate Dean of Research UNSW Business School, AGSM Scholar, Frederik Anseel:

You can contact directly at f.anseel@unsw.edu.au

The future of work/digital adoption, innovation, and productivity in the workplace

  • Adjunct Professor Raja Junankar:

The unemployment rate, small business regulation, and JobKeeper and JobSeeker.

  • Professor of Practice, UNSW Business School, Jennie Granger:

Personal tax reform, practical impacts of tax announcements for people and how businesses operate and how the budget impacts the Australian Taxation Office implementing the announcements and other any budget impacts on the ATO (eg funding changes). 

Available late Wednesday morning 11.30am onwards, Thursday after 2pm, Friday 9.30am to 11am and after 3pm.


  • Professor John Taylor, School of Taxation and Business Law:

The impact on reforms of business taxes including international tax and R&D changes and CGT.