For the second year in a row, Associate Professor Guoyin Li has been recognised as one of the nation's top achievers, in a report that names UNSW as the country's leading institution in several mathematical fields.

A/Prof Li has been cited as the field leader in Mathematical Optimisation by the RESEARCH report in The Australian, which profiles the Top 250 researchers in the country.

The annual report uses publicly-available data, with the assistance of research analytics firm League of Scholars. Field leaders are selected by looking at Australian-based researchers whose papers - published in the 20 top journals in their field in the past five years - have had the most citations by other researchers.

Meanwhile, UNSW is listed as the top institution in 24 fields, including Physics & Mathematics (general), Mathematical Analysis, Mathematical Optimisation, Operations Research, and Probability & Statistics with Applications. 

The top Australian institution in each field is determined by the most citations from research published in the top 20 journals in that field over the past five years. For more about UNSW's performance in the report, see the Inside UNSW article

A very big congratulations to Associate Professor Guoyin Li for this wonderful and well-deserved recognition of excellence.