UNSW Canberra Cyber and Telstra have co-developed two cyber security micro-credentials to help build the capabilities needed to combat the increasing risk of cybercrime that the digital economy brings.

UNSW Canberra Cyber, a leading centre for cyber education and research, worked closely with Telstra’s cyber security specialists to develop the micro-credentials, to be delivered online, covering security fundamentals and secure coding to an initial intake of 100 Telstra employees.

Telstra’s Chief Information Security Officer Asia Pacific, Narelle Devine, said that cyber security is a large and growing area of risk and organisations needed people in all types of roles to be more ‘cyber security aware’.

“Strong cyber security requires a combination of deep expertise as well as a proper understanding of the basics right across an organisation,” said Ms Devine.

“By collaborating with UNSW Canberra Cyber on the design and delivery of this curriculum, Telstra can support the continuous learning of those in software development and IT roles and build talent in the cyber security space.

“While addressing cybercrime requires a coordinated response between government, law enforcement, education institutions, industry and the community, we will continue to upskill more of our peopleso they can contribute to increasing the overall security of our products and networks.” 

UNSW Canberra Cyber Director, Nigel Phair, says technological advancements and global uncertainty ensure cyber security is a rapidly evolving sector.

“It is increasingly important for businesses to ensure they are not only up to date with the latest training, but that their people are equipped with the skills required to adapt to the changing landscape,” Mr Phair said. 

 “UNSW Canberra Cyber is at the cutting-edge of the latest technology and expertise. We are proud to develop with Telstra a suite of highly specialised training based on our leading expertise in International Security Affairs, Complex Systems Security and Artificial Intelligence.

“With a focus on delivering a balance of the technical, practical and human aspects of cyber security throughout its educational programs, Telstra’s employees will gain skills in security that can help build expertise and talent in this space.”

The micro-credentials include:

  • Security Fundamentals, a five-week introductory course on a range of computer security topics. Aimed at those with a technical background or skill set in the security space.
  • Secure Coding, an eight-week course, is designed to cater to those already established in the basics of the software development domain, to further build consistent security knowledge, capabilities and accountability amongst DevOps professionals.

The initiative builds on the partnership between UNSW and Telstra, announced last year, to help build Australia’s technology talent and close the gap between the supply and demand of highly skilled professionals. It also aligns with the Federal Government’s aim to see a skills boost through micro-credentials in the post-COVID-19 recovery.

While the courses have been developed in conjunction with Telstra, they are relevant for a range of technical professionals and will be open to anyone looking to build skills in this area in 2021.