UNSW’s second annual Diversity Fest fostered thought-provoking conversation in the community and empowered participants to embrace diversity and find ways to create a more inclusive society at large.

UNSW’s  Diversity Fest took place from 26 - 30 October 2020. During this week-long celebration, students and staff came together to listen to diverse communities, hold open and honest discussions and ultimately expand their worldview. Diversity Fest highlighted how strength and unity is possible, when we take the time to understand people who have different lived experiences, values and identities to ourselves. 

Throughout the week there were over 40 free events including panel discussions, workshops, film screenings, art exhibitions and live performances that featured contributions from students, staff and alumni from all parts of the UNSW community. Participants were exposed to a diverse range of topics including age, gender, race, disability, cultural diversity, LGBTIQ+ inclusion, and more.