“My research focuses on combining human intelligence with artificial intelligence. It's based on the idea that humans and machines have astonishing capabilities, but they also have critical limitations.” 

Aya Hussein, a recent recipient of an ARC Postgraduate Council Award, is just about to complete her PhD project on human autonomy interaction.  

While AI has found its way into many facets of everyday lives, Aya is interested in how it can be enhanced with human intelligence. 

“We work in tandem with artificial intelligence because they have some great capabilities we don’t have, but they also can make errors,” Aya said.  

“If you’re not aware of their limitations, the errors can be catastrophic. My work is about creating team settings in which humans and machines can collaborate seamlessly with each other to get the best of both worlds.” 

Aya has already begun on her post-doctoral research project, which is focused on educating machines.  

“Think of it like students who attend university, they do not graduate for a specific job, they acquire multiple skills that qualify them to work in multiple jobs that require these skills. This is exactly what we're working on,” Aya said.   

“We are trying to educate the machine with a multitude of skills, so that you can then fine tune it or customise it for a specific task, but it has the skills that qualifies it for various tasks.”