Congratulations to Bernadette Pudadera, Coco Kennedy and Aurpa Bhuiyan for placing first, second and third in the 2020 Materials Australia Student Awards Competition (NSW branch)!! These students competed against 9 top performing students from universities around NSW in front of an expert panel.

A special thank you to Associate Professor Sophie Primig and Dr Rachel White (ANSTO) for hosting this excellent event and to the event councillors and sponsors: Soto group, Gravitas, United Steel, ANSTO for their continued support.

Here are the winners and their supervisors:

1. Bernadette Pudadera @ UNSW Sydney, supervisor Dr Pramod Koshy: Platinum Electrode Dissolution

2. Coco Kennedy @ UNSW Sydney, supervisor Prof Nagy Valanoor: Superdomains in Highly Strained Bismuth Ferrite thin films

3. Aurpa Bhuiyan @ UNSW Sydney, supervisor Dr Pramod Koshy: Glass Crystallization in Nuclear Waste Storage

4. Lisa Morgan @ UoW, supervisor A/Prof Yue Zhao: Investigation of the addition of an organic component to chromium (III) phosphate coating on Aluminium/Zinc coated steel