We're excited to announce the launch of a podcast series, “The Neumann Talk”, produced by a team of UNSW Mathematics and Statistics staff members and students.

Each episode, our PhD candidate Yudhi Bunjamin will interview a past winner of the The Australian Mathematical Society's B.H. Neumann Prize.
The discussions will focus on the recipients’ journeys through the world of mathematics and statistics, and the ways in which they communicate ideas in maths.
The podcast series is available on all the usual platforms (Spotify, Apple, Anchor, etc.). Tune into the intro episode to hear about the motivation for the podcast. Episodes will be released on a weekly basis.
A massive thank you to Yudhi for all of his hard work in getting this off the ground!
And thank you to the team working on different aspects of the podcast:
Robert Cantwell, Diana Combe, Michael Denes, Adi Ganguly, Alice Hu, Manzoor Khan, Jodie Lee, Thomas Lesgourgues, Kevin Limanta, James Lu, Christopher Rock, Alina Sari, Andrew William, Alex Zhu.
Listen to the podcast via: