The Maxar Spatial Challenge is an innovative satellite remote sensing challenge, based on cutting-edge technology (30cm/pixel imagery!) and supported by industry and government partners (including the Australian Space Agency). About 60 teams participated in this year’s challenge, and were asked to develop sustainable solutions leveraging space intelligence to address key challenges in Australia. 

UNSW's Water Research Laboratory team (aka Remote Sensing Ninjas) won the challenge, with a proof-of-concept that takes advantage of the rapid revisit and high resolution Maxar imagery to monitor changes in beach width in real-time; and provide a web interface that coastal managers can use to evaluate potential coastal hazards.

To experiment with the award-winning real-time coastal monitoring from space - check out the interactive dashboard showing satellite monitoring of beach change using Coastsat, high resolution Maxar satellite imagery and an interactive user-friendly portal:

The Remote Sensing Ninja's