Congratulations! You’ve made it through high school after a challenging year like no other. We know it wasn’t easy, but the good news is it’s time to get excited about what uni has on offer!

At UNSW passion, diverse perspectives and a hands-on approach allow our students to create solutions for a better world.

We understand you might have questions about the move from high school to uni so we’ve answered a few questions to get you started.


Has UNSW Engineering lowered their Guaranteed Entry (GE) rank for some degrees? What does this mean for me?

We know this year has been incredibly hard for many students and families. To recognise your hard work and resilience as well as to maximise your educational opportunities, we have lowered some of our Guaranteed Entry (GE) marks across our range of degrees, including:


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What are my options if I don't meet the Guaranteed Entry rank?

If you’re driven and passionate about Engineering, there are a number of ways that can help you get into UNSW. We recognise that your ATAR may not reflect your true potential and interest in Engineering which is why we created the Faculty of Engineering Admissions Scheme (FEAS).

FEAS is a program where you can submit a video about why you’re passionate about Engineering. It’s a great opportunity to showcase qualities like creativity which are hard to gauge through academic marks alone.

“I applied for FEAS to showcase my skill sets which would make me a suitable candidate for UNSW Engineering”.
Claudia – Successful FEAS applicant, Bachelor of Engineering (Mining)

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I’ve heard about Adjustment Factors, what are these?

At UNSW we have several Adjustment Factor schemes to help boost your selection rank including schemes like Elite Athletes, Performers and Leaders, HSC Plus and UNSW Access. These adjustment factors also take your performance in other areas relevant to your study at UNSW into account. Adjustment factors are automatically applied and can boost your ATAR by several points.

My ATAR was adjusted for being school captain, making a state-level team in year 12 as well as completing my gold award for Duke of Edinburgh.
Liam – Bachelor of Engineering (Mining Engineering)


What activities and opportunities are available to UNSW Engineering students?

As a UNSW Engineering student, you have access to some of the most rewarding student opportunities. You can join student societies, work on student led projects or get to know people from other faculties through participation in events like Vivid. With over 300 to choose from, there’s a student society for everyone!

My most memorable experience at UNSW has been my society involvement. Not only did I build up leadership, project management and soft skills, I met many of my friends through the society. The society is really tight-knit and it’s like having a second family”.
Jason Ren – Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical)/Master of Biomedical Engineering

You can also get involved in a real-world, multidisciplinary project through the ChallENG program which links you with academics and industry mentors – giving you a taste of engineering in the real-world.

I am currently the Project Manager for UNSW Illuminate, a student project group who makes large scale professional light installations through the ChallENG Program. There are so many similar student groups that you can also be a part of depending on your areas of interest.
Brittney Monk - Bachelor of Engineering (Civil Engineering)

Pictured: Celestial Pancake an audio-visual installation commissioned for Vivid 2019 by UNSW Illuminate

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Get ahead of the pack

We asked our current students for the advice and inside tips they’ve learned along the way.

“First year is an extremely good opportunity to explore the multitude of co-curricular activities available at UNSW. I would definitely recommend checking out the various makerspaces, they are among my favourite places at uni”.
Jason – Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical)/Master of Biomedical Engineering


“My number 1 tip for first year students in any degree at any University is to get involved in as much as possible in your first few years at uni! Being involved early on allows you to make friends that can help to get you through your degree and also gives you a good platform to be "in the know" about different opportunities.”
Brittney – Bachelor of Engineering (Civil Engineering)


Liam sums up this exciting new chapter best. “Look forward to the changes and challenges that University has to offer. Put yourself out there and try new things even if it isn't within your comfort zone as these are the times that we grow most as an individual. Sign up to societies, go to that extra-curricular event but most importantly have fun!

Liam - Bachelor of Engineering (Mining Engineering)


I have more questions about studying Engineering at UNSW, what should I do?

Join our digital Info Evening on Friday 18 December (3pm – 7pm) or visit us in-person on campus at our Info Day on Saturday 19 December (10am – 3pm). Both sessions will have current students and academics from a range of our degrees to help answer even the curliest of questions.