Stability is the key as the team prepares for Tokyo and the players were aware the squad wouldn't change much.

Which made UNSW Elite Athlete Program member Dylan Martin's addition all the more exciting - his name was the only new one added to the squad as the countdown to the Olympics begins. Martin is extremely excited at the prospect of making his Australian debut.

"It's been an amazing few weeks and I think it's an absolute privilege to be a part of the squad in such an important year, he said. "Making the squad in an Olympic year is such a big achievement in itself. I can't wait to get over to Perth with the squad and prepare for this campaign."

Martin is also balancing his hockey with his Bachelor of Construction Management and Property at UNSW. While it hasn't always been easy balancing two such demanding pursuits, he has been able to succeed due to the support of the Elite Athlete Program.

"Balancing studies and playing high level sport isn't easy, even now I don't always get it right," he said. "The most important thing is to stay on top of everything and plan both lifestyles to get the best of both worlds."

While it hasn't been the smoothest path he could have taken, Martin wouldn't change the way he has done things in pursuing both passions at once.

"I really enjoy that UNSW has always been very supportive of me, and I've been able to pursue different careers at the same time," he said. "The overall UNSW environment has been really enjoyable thus far and I've made some pretty good connections and friends along the way."

Kookaburras coach Colin Batch is impressed with the versatility that Martin offers his squad going into this important period.

"Dylan is strong technically, physically he is very good, and he is a smart player who can play in a number of different positions for us," he told AAP.

Martin is looking forward to the challenge of breaking into the final team and hopefully making it to Tokyo and on to the podium.

"Obviously it would be a lifelong dream," he said. "But what really makes it different to me is to be a part of such a successful squad that has a lot of potential - to not just be a part of the Olympics but to aim for gold. I may get an opportunity that most (people) don't."