We are proud to announce that our PhD candidate Yudhi Bunjamin has won a 2020 UNSW Science Student Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Award

Science Student EDI Awards recognise and celebrate the contributions of UNSW Science students to the fields of equity, diversity, and inclusion. Awardees must have demonstrated a contribution to these spaces with impacts in areas such as outreach, advocacy, engagement, or enhancing visibility and awareness of EDI issues.

Yudhi has been actively involved in outreach at the School and Faculty level over the past two years, and has led several workshops and initiatives. He has developed activities aimed at school children which help to foster an understanding of mathematical thinking.

Yudhi has taken special care in both preparation and delivery of the activities, to enable accessibility for all - regardless of cultural background, prior exposure to maths, and physical disabilities. He has also engaged several undergraduate students in all aspects of this outreach, to help broaden their experiences in mathematics.

He won the 2019 B.H. Neumann Prize, a student prize awarded by the Australian Mathematical Society, for his talk "Equity considerations and design of mathematics outreach to schools". He returned as an invited speaker to the Australian Mathematical Society conference in 2020. 

Yudhi also led a team which developed online activities for the 2020 Experience UNSW Science Day. The digital event required school students to conduct experiments at home, and Yudhi was able to lead the delivery of activities that were engaging, genuinely mathematical, safe to conduct, and enabled students to participate using common materials found in the home. 

In late 2020, Yudhi launched a podcast series, The Neumann Talk, interviewing past prize winners of the Australian Mathematical Society B.H. Neumann Prize.

A very big congratulations to Yudhi!