The food and water security initiatives of the Yuwaya Ngarra-li partnership with the Dharriwaa Elders Group has had some great successes recently. We have secured a 5 year NHMRC Ideas Grant with collaborators from the Walgett Aboriginal Medical Service (WAMS) and the George Institute for Global Health to develop and evaluate community-led solutions to strengthen food and water security. Christine Corby, CEO of WAMS, said:

“This is an incredible opportunity to build on existing community resilience to mitigate future risks to food and water security. Activities will include improving the fresh healthy food options in the school canteens, cafes and food outlets, establishing a community garden network and improving drinking water quality.”

A new water-efficient microfarm at the WAMS Community Garden was also launched late last year, which was the result of close collaboration with colleagues from the Global Water Institute and Impact Engineering students over the past two years.