A team of academics and industrial engineers have received an Australian Research Council Linkage grant worth $780,000 over four years to further develop liquid organic hydrogen storage.

The team is led by Professor Yun Liu from the ANU Research School of Chemistry and includes UNSW Canberra Associate Professor Terry Frankcombe.

A/Prof Terry Frankcombe said the hydrogen storage technology being developed is unique, and offers a number of benefits over what others are developing globally.

“Our role at UNSW Canberra will be to develop and apply state of the art theoretical and computational chemistry tools to the materials being employed for the energy transformation project, in order to guide the design of the chemistry,” Professor Frankcombe said.

Hydrogen Diagram

Researchers and industry experts will be closer to safely storing and transporting vast quantities of hydrogen, with the cleaner technology offering a potential replacement for fossil fuels and a possible new export industry for Australia.

“It’s great to receive this grant, which will give us an opportunity to transfer our fundamental innovation research into the industrial sector, and develop perhaps Australia’s first liquid hydrogen storage facility at Fyshwick and near Australia’s first public hydrogen refuelling station,” Professor Liu said.

Other collaborators include the ACT government, Global Power Generation Australia, Hydrogenia, Evoenergy and Illuminact.

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Photo: Images-of-Elements via Wikimedia Commons