A new study analysing climate model data was recently published in Scientific Reports. The study, led by CCRC Prof. Alex Sen Gupta, also involves CCRC researchers Annette Stellema and Prof. Andréa Taschetto.

Their results are very encouraging, since they show that Western Boundary currents are relatively well simulated by climate models. They also show consistent changes in those currents in the future accross models. It appears that some currents will intensify in the future (like the East Australian Current), while others will weaken (like the Indonesian Throughflow).

The paper is available in Open Access here.


Reference: Sen Gupta, A., A. Stellema, G. Pontes, A. S. Taschetto, A. Vergés, V. Rossi. 2021. Future Changes to the upper ocean Western Boundary Currents across two generations of climate models. Scientific Reports, 11, 9538.