UNSW Canberra senior lecturer, Dr Daniel Prior, has published a book entitled Organisational Buying: A Multidisciplinary Perspective with Palgrave Macmillan.

The book, to be formally launched on 10 June, brings together a range of perspectives on the subject of organisational buying: the purchase and integration of goods and services by an organisation.

Currently teaching postgraduate marketing courses at UNSW Canberra, Dr Prior has written this book for managers who engage in organisational buying activities.

Such managers typically occupy roles in supply chain management, contract management, procurement, operations, finance, sales, or marketing.

Dr Prior became interested in organisational buying approximately four years ago as a part of his broader interest in buyer-seller relationships.

During Dr Prior’s time at Cranfield University in the UK, he and his colleagues ran a workshop about organisational buying for companies such as BP, AstraZeneca, Pfizer, and PwC. Here, he noticed that there wasn’t a recently published text on the subject.

Dr Prior also notes that until now, organisational buying has typically been taught from a range of disjointed perspectives, siloed into subject areas such as marketing, sales management, procurement, and more.

This has led to an equally fragmented approach in the business world to organisational buying, lacking a strategic or comprehensive perspective. 

“I gradually developed the idea that there was a need for a new book, particularly one that could harvest ideas from a range of academic disciplines and present them in an accessible way.”

Discussing different purchase situations, the buying process, decision making and value propositions, communications, relationships, capabilities and culture, and more, the book is an approachable and case study-based dialogue on organisational buying.

Alongside this book, Dr Prior has also recently written on supplier trustworthiness as a factor in supplier selection criteria, as well as B2B marketing and artificial intelligence.

He has also been involved in the development of a professional education course on organisational buying which is due to commence in 2022. He will be teaching this course, on offer to participants from relevant industry roles.

An online book launch will be held on 10 June 2021 via Collaborate at this link. The book is currently available in eBook format here.