Considering a PhD in Physics?  The School of Physics at UNSW has expertise across 9 important areas of research, including Astrophysics, Acoustics, Biophysics, Computational Physics and Big Data, Condensed Matter Physics and Quantum Devices, Experimental and Observational Physics, Fundamental Physics, Theoretical Physics, and Physics Education Research.  

We also offer financial support in the form of scholarships

Details regarding the admissions process, language requirements, finding a supervisor, and preparing your documentation can be found on the UNSW main website.  This page also provides information on the application process for an RTP scholarship to cover your living expenses. It is not too onerous to complete, but you will need to have made contact with your prospective supervisor and come up with a research proposal (i.e. a page of words) by the due date. 

If you are not sure if you want to do a PhD next year, apply anyway! If you ultimately turn down the offer it doesn’t affect your chances in subsequent rounds and the next scholarship round is not until early-2022. Note that you can apply to as many different graduate programs as you like, but each university will have its own application deadline.

Interested? Please contact us to begin a conversation or ask a question.  The academic staff in the School of Physics are available even during the lockdown.  For more information on our researchers and those who have the capacity to supervise you, see Our Research Projects and contact the relevant lead researcher listed on the project page.  

Applications to start in Term 1 of 2022 are due on 27 August