Congratulations to Dr Shyam Sunder Tummanapalli for being awarded the Diabetes Research Grant from the Elizabeth O’Beirne and Robert and Emmy Mather Trust Fund.

This project will investigate the relationship of tear film nitric oxide with corneal and peripheral neuropathy in people with diabetes and assess whether tear film nitric oxide concentration can be used as a non-invasive biomarker for the development of peripheral neuropathy in diabetes.

The intended outcomes of this study may prove useful in clinical translation of new strategies for the management and treatment of diabetic corneal complications.

Dr Tummanapalli will be collaborating with leading researchers with expertise aligned with the research proposal including, Professor Mark Willcox and Associate Professor Maria Markoulli from UNSW School of Optometry and Vision Science, Professor Arun Krishnan and Dr Ann Poynten from the UNSW Prince of Wales Clinical School, and Professor Elizabeth New from the School of Chemistry, University of Sydney.

We sincerely thank the Elizabeth O’Beirne and Robert and Emmy Mather Trust for their support of our early career researchers.