UNSW Canberra has been recognised as a Platinum + Healthier Workplace by the ACT Government.

Healthier Work is a WorkSafe ACT program that was established to support local businesses to thrive as health promoting environments.

UNSW Canberra has achieved the program’s highest tier of achievement for consistently implementing health and wellbeing initiatives for five years.  

These initiatives include Mental Health First Aid training, support services, a flu vaccination program and the promotion of health and wellbeing events. 

The University’s Manager of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Daniel O’Neill said when organisations and employees work towards better health and wellbeing together, everyone benefits.

“Smart organisations are increasingly paying active attention to employee health, engagement and morale,” Mr O’Neill said.

“They understand the benefits of investing in their people. The physical and mental well-being of employees has direct impacts on organisational success – poor health is expensive.

“Healthy, happy and engaged employees result in fewer workers’ compensation claims, lower absenteeism and presenteeism, greater productivity, higher performance, increased individual, team, and organisational resilience, increased job satisfaction, greater engagement, and increased social connections in the workplace.”

Mr O’Neill said COVID-19 had raised many issues around mental health, including the impact of lockdowns and the boundaries between work and home blurring. He said it is important that staff feel supported during this difficult time.

Resources for staff are available on the UNSW Canberra Hub.