Congratulations to our Head of Applied Mathematics, Professor Thanh Tran, upon the release of his new book "Schwarz Methods and Multilevel Preconditioners for Boundary Element Methods".

Co-authored with Ernst P. Stephan, a retired professor of mathematics at Leibniz University Hannover, the book provides a comprehensive examination of preconditioners for boundary element discretisations of first-kind integral equations.

Focusing on domain-decomposition-type and multilevel methods, it allows readers to gain a good understanding of the mechanisms and necessary techniques in the analysis of the preconditioners. These techniques are unique for the discretisation of first-kind integral equations since the resulting systems of linear equations are not only large and ill-conditioned, but also dense.

The book showcases state-of-the-art preconditioning techniques for boundary integral equations, presenting up-to-date research. It also includes a detailed discussion of Sobolev spaces of fractional orders to familiarise readers with important mathematical tools for the analysis. Furthermore, the concise overview of adaptive BEM, hp-version BEM, and coupling of FEM-BEM provides efficient computational tools for solving practical problems with applications in science and engineering.

The book can be purchased via Springer.

Congratulations to Professor Tran upon the publication of his new book!