The workshop on Role of AI and Data Science to Enable Cyber Security was virtually held on the 19th of October. The workshop aimed to facilitate new collaboration opportunities between UNSW IFCYBER members and Data61 at the intersection of data science and machine learning in cyber security. The all-day workshop welcomed 89 participants. The program started with two distinguished invited speakers Prof. Rakesh Verma (University of Houston) and Prof. Elisa Bertino (Purdue University), followed by idea presentation sessions from UNSW and Data61 researchers covering 11 different emerging areas on AI and cyber security topics. The program also featured an industry talk by Ian Yip from Averto and PhD poster presentations from 9 students and concluded with an hour-long brain storm session to put forward follow-up action points and plans to help continuing engagement amongst the participants. It was successful in introducing researchers who are working in the areas of IFCYBER and Data61 in identifying research trends and new directions. We fully expect the community formed through this workshop will continue having meaningful conversations about collaboration opportunities and we hope to report the results in the next available opportunity. The workshop was organised by:
(UNSW Team)

  • Sanjay Jha (UNSW Institute for Cyber Security, UNSW Sydney)

  • Nigel Phair (UNSW Institute for Cyber Security, UNSW Canberra)

  • Clara Grazian (School of Mathematics and Statistic, UNSW Sydney)

  • Helen Paik (School of Computer Science and Engineering, UNSW Sydney)

  • (Data61 Team)

  • Seyit Camtepe (Distributed Systems Security Group, Data61/CSIRO)

  • Sharif Abuadbba (Distributed Systems Security Group, Data61/CSIRO