Windsurfer and UNSW Actuarial student Amelia Quinlan is one of 37 athletes to receive more than $100,000 in AIS Education Scholarships awarded by the Australian Institute of Sport.

The 19-year-old first-year student, who was selected for the 2020 Youth Sailing World Championships prior to its cancellation due to COVID-19, says receiving the Scholarship has provided her with the support to continue windsurfing whilst still developing her career.

“Beginning a career journey is extremely important for me because it gives me the confidence to dedicate time and money to my competitions now, with the knowledge I have a stable career option for when I retire as an elite athlete,” Quinlan said.

Australian Sailing decided not to select a team for the rescheduled World Youth Championships which started in Oman this week.

Quinlan competes in the Techno 293 Plus class.

Amelia Quinlan out on the water (Credit - Australian Sailing Youth).  ​

She is also a UNSW Co-Op Scholar, adding a year to her Bachelor of Actuarial Studies and giving her industry experience throughout. For the past three years, she has been a scholarship holder with the NSW Institute of Sport.

“My degree of Actuarial studies allows me to pursue other passions I have, particularly my interest in statistics and (mathematics), whilst providing me with balance in my daily life,” Quinlan said.

“I believe it’s so important for every athlete to consider their career path, to provide them with direction and security during and after their sporting journey.”

Quinlan joins Winter Olympics silver medalist Matt Graham, Olympic bronze medal rower Cameron Girdlestone and four-time world cycling champion Kaarle McCulloch among the athletes to receive a Scholarship in this round, announced on Thursday.

This year’s AIS Education Scholarship program doubles from last year’s inaugural program, offering a total $200,000 in scholarships for 2021-22, courtesy of the John and Myriam Wylie Foundation. A second round will open in March 2022.

UNSW is one of more than 40 universities with which the AIS has formal links that make such scholarships possible.

Windsurfer and UNSW athlete Amelia Quinlan, Credit - Beau Outteridge, 2020 Australian Youth Championships.

Windsurfer and UNSW athlete Amelia Quinlan, (Credit - Beau Outteridge, 2020 Australian Youth Championships).