Congratulations to our students Alice Hu and Kevin Limanta, who have each received a 2021 UNSW Science Student Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) Award

Alice and Kevin won two of five EDI Awards conferred to students Faculty-wide. 

Science Student EDI Awards recognise and celebrate the contributions of UNSW Science students to the fields of equity, diversity, and inclusion. Awardees must have demonstrated a contribution to these spaces with impacts in areas such as outreach, advocacy, engagement, or enhancing visibility and awareness of EDI issues.

Alice Hu has just completed a Bachelor of Music/Science (Mathematics and Musicology majors). She has made many contributions towards promoting EDI in the UNSW mathematics community as well as more broadly across the university. She's had a particular focus on the inclusivity of women in maths and in other STEM fields.

She has done this through a variety of avenues, including participating in outreach efforts run by the School of Mathematics and Statistics, being a Peer Mentor for the Women in Science Society (WiSSoc), and via her role as a Student Ambassador for the UNSW Division of External Engagement. 

Alice has facilitated several workshops for high school students, designed with equity considerations in mind. She was a key helper for the 2021 Girls Do The Maths events, helping to facilitate activities which promote various aspects of mathematical thinking. Alice is also a co-producer on The Neuman Talk podcast produced by several students and staff from the School of Mathematics and Statistics.  

"Receiving this award was unexpected but has been extremely validating!", said Alice. "I am so passionate about fostering inclusivity and diversity in learning communities, so the encouragement means a lot, especially as I step into the next part of my journey of working towards equity in education".

Alice is currently undertaking an associateship at Teach for Australia in their Leadership Development Program.

Kevin Limanta is a PhD student in the School of Mathematics and Statistics. He has made numerous contributions to EDI via his involvement in organisations both within and outside UNSW, as well as in some of his own endeavours. He has a primary focus on promoting equity in the Indonesian community through his advocacy for education. 

Kevin has participated in several outreach events run by UNSW Mathematics and Statistics, including our annual Girls Do The Maths events. 

He produces a podcast in Indonesian called “Monoid”, targeted at Indonesian maths students and enthusiasts which aims to expose them to research in maths, and to introduce Indonesia's future mathematicians. 

He has also done work in other areas of EDI outside of education, focused on the mental health space, the LGBTIQ+ community, and ethnic minorities.

Kevin is a member of the Education Commission for PPI Dunia, the international organisation for Indonesian students studying abroad. In this role, he has co-published newspaper articles, a book about education, and a policy brief. He's also a member of the Australian branch and helps to run a series related to academic support and advocacy. He helped with preparations for the 3rd annual UNSW ASEAN Conference.

"I am honoured to get this award, and I want to use this opportunity as a reminder to myself to keep on contributing, however small the steps", said Kevin. 

Kevin would like to continue his outreach efforts for the foreseeable future including communicating the kind of mathematics he does to a broader audience. 

We warmly congratulate Alice and Kevin for receiving 2021 UNSW Science Student EDI Awards and thank them for their valuable contributions and dedication to equity, diversity and inclusion. 

Pictured, from top: Alice Hu; Kevin Limanta