We are pleased to announce that the latest issue of Parabola is now available. 

Thanks to Editor Dr Thomas Britz for another excellent issue!

As always, there are new and masterly crafted problems by Problem Editors Arnaud Brothier, David Angell and Sin Keong Tong. Thanks to Denis Potapov, you can also enjoy the problems of our High School Mathematics Competition; this issue also presents the list of winners of the 2021 competition.

This issue offers eight excellent articles, please see the full list below:

  • There’s nothing square about squares! by Peter Brown
  • A gem for teaching elementary probability by Henk Tijms
  • Two simple theorems and their applications by Federico Menegazzo
  • A spider cubic related to triangles by Stefan Haesen
  • The Bilinski dodecahedron is a parallelohedron and space-filling (tessellating) polyhedron by Xavier Gisz
  • The ratio of perimeter to diameter of a regular polygon with infinite sides resulting in π by Janelle Powell
  • Patterns and the many paths of problem solving by Ulfa Aulyah Idrus
  • The harmonic series and its close friends: A dive into the Kempner series by Sunil Vittal

Find the latest issue of Parabola at: www.parabola.unsw.edu.au