The film Flee, opening this week in Australia and the United Kingdom, last week became the first movie to be nominated for Oscars in best animated feature, documentary feature and international feature (representing Denmark).

In this intimate and moving story, the refugee ‘Amin’ details his flight from Afghanistan, including his family’s various dealings with unscrupulous people smugglers; he laments there was no other available way for the family to escape their persecution.

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Through animation interspersed with archival live-action footage and television broadcasts, Flee traces Amin’s shame about being gay in a country where there is no word for it.

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The film raises complex questions about credibility and the asylum process, a theme Dr Hilary Evans Cameron delved into in her Kaldor keynote address. Her podcast talk, 'Good decisions: Achieving fairness in refugee law, policy and practice', makes for thoughtful listening after watching Amin’s story in Flee