Joel is currently undertaking his PhD degree under the joint supervision of Dr. Daniel Gregg at ANSTO and Dr. Pramod Koshy at UNSW. He obtained the Postgraduate Research Award (PGRA) in June 2021, which he later relinquished when he accepted the Residential Student Scholarship (RSS) in September 2021. Both scholarships are designed to support postgraduate students undertaking research at ANSTO facilities. Joel’s research is focused on expanding the capability of ANSTO’s Synroc (Synthetic Rock) technology for nuclear waste immobilisation. His goal is to further develop various Synroc-based glass-ceramics to immobilise actinide-rich (particularly uranium) radioactive wastes that are generated from nuclear power plant activities, and radiopharmaceutical production facilities. With the promising aspects and on-going advancements of nuclear technology, Joel’s research in nuclear waste management will form an integral component of these industries.