UNSW Sydney has academic experts available to comment: 

Professor Richard Holden, School of Economics at UNSW Business School, can talk about cost of living, house prices, inflation, energy crisis, stamp duty, taxation, markers, minimum wages and other economic issues. He can be reached at richard.holden@unsw.edu.au.au 

Associate Professor Katja Ignatieva, School of Risk and Actuarial Studies at UNSW Business School, is available to comment on the energy crisis. Assoc. Prof. Ignatieva's research focuses on empirical modelling of energy, commodity and equity markets. She can be reached at k.ignatieva@unsw.edu.au 

Associate Professor Mark Humphery-Jenner, School of Banking and Finance at UNSW Business School, can comment on financial markets (including property), inflation, and the role of government policy. This includes house prices and stamp duty. He can also comment on the financial aspects of energy markets and Environmental Social Governance (ESG), having written on AGL’s recent failed demerger. Assoc. Prof. Humphery-Jenner's academic writings have primarily focused on law and corporate finance. He can be reached at mlhj@unsw.edu.au  

Associate Professor Elvira Sojli, School of Banking and Finance at UNSW Business School, can talk about financial markets (as well as cryptocurrency markets specifically) and interest rates' effects on financial markets. She can be reached at e.sojli@unsw.edu.au 

Associate Professor Dale Boccabella, School of Accounting, Auditing and Taxation at UNSW Business School, is available to comment on filing tax returns for the 2021/22 financial year. He can be reached at d.boccabella@unsw.edu.au for comment. 

Associate Professor Bruce Bradbury from the Social Policy Research Centre, can speak on the issues of cost of living, housing affordability and minimum wages as well as unemployment and income support payments. He is available for radio or phone interviews and TV interviews. Contact Professor Bradbury on b.bradbury@unsw.edu.au in the first instance. 

Dr Chris Martin, City Futures Research Centre, ADA UNSW, can talk about cost of living (especially for renters), house prices, stamp duty, taxation (especially regarding housing) and housing markets. Email c.martin@unsw.edu.au or text 0407065760 to arrange time for background briefing or interview (for print, radio, podcast or TV). 

Associate Professor Natasha Cortis, Social Policy Research Centre, is available to be asked about minimum wages and women, minimum wages and social services and the like. Email n.cortis@unsw.edu.au to arrange time for background briefing or interview. Natasha is available for print, radio, podcast or TV interviews. 

Dr George Kudrna, CEPAR Senior Research Fellow at UNSW Business School, is available to speak on taxation, pensions, superannuation, cost of living, retirement, and the ageing population. He is currently travelling but can be reached by email at g.kudrna@unsw.edu.au.  

Dr Gonzalo Castex, School of Economics at UNSW Business School, can talk about the effects of the increase in the inflation rate and the impacts of monetary policy (changes to the interest rate). g.castexhernandez@unsw.edu.au. He is available Monday to Friday, and is available for email, radio or phone interview. Note: He may require preparation time for more specific questions that require specific data analysis. 

UNSW Business School – please contact Kate Bettes at k.bettes@unsw.edu.au for UNSW Business School-specific enquiries 

UNSW Arts, Design and Architecture – please contact Nadia Razzhigaeva at n.razzhigaeva@unsw.edu.au for UNSW Arts, Design and Architecture-specific enquiries