Head of School PSM Professor and Scientia Professor Nasser Khalili was delighted to announce Kristen Splinter’s success in securing a 2022 ARC Future Fellowship. 

Future Fellowships support excellent mid-career researchers to undertake high-quality research in areas of national significance.  Dr Splinter’s work on developing more robust ways for coastal shoreline prediction in Australia will advance our ability to predict shoreline change along high-value coastlines from days to decades.

‘This is a tremendous achievement,’ Professor Khalili said, ‘reflective of Kristen’s standing in the field, her relentless pursuit of excellence, and her commitment to quality research.’

Kristen is an Associate Professor working at the School’s Water Research Laboratory. Her extensive expertise is in the fields of coastal processes and hazards. Her research uses physical and numerical modelling as well as field data collection to better understand coastal processes. Kristen’s research team pioneers the use of remote sensing in the coastal zone, including satellites, lidar, UAVs, and video cameras within Australia.  

Dr Splinter has received $932,168 to incorporate sandy shoreline adaptation by developing a time-varying framework for model ensemble averaging. This will significantly advance our ability to predict shoreline change over a range of management timescales from days to decades along high-value coastlines.

Her project expects to generate new knowledge in Coastal Engineering using new methods to train models and deliver unprecedented new shoreline data.  The expected outcomes are enhanced capacity to predict shoreline change over a range of timescales and a better understanding of how sandy coastlines adapt to future climate variability.

This should provide significant benefits by enabling a better assessment of coastal hazards along our high-value coastline. 

UNSW Pro Vice-Chancellor (Research) Professor Sven Rogge congratulated the University’s fourteen 2022 Future Fellows, the largest portion of ARC Future Fellowships of all Australian universities.  ‘We are immensely proud of our 2022 Future Fellows and acknowledge their important contribution to their respective areas of research,’ he said.

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