On Tuesday 4 October, Professor Catherine Greenhill will speak at UNSW's School of Mathematics and Statistics as part of the School's new Nexus Lecture Series. The Nexus lectures (from the Latin word to bind together) have been established by the School to promote outstanding research in fundamental mathematics and to further future collaborations across different mathematical fields. These lectures will be held every few months and are open to anyone in the UNSW community, as well as the general public. 

Professor Greenhill leads the Combinatorics group at UNSW Sydney. Her research lies at the interface between discrete mathematics, theoretical computer science, and probability, and has been applied by researchers in various areas including physics and cryptography. Professor Greenhill was awarded the 2015 Christopher Heyde Medal, and in 2022 she was elected a Fellow of the Australian Academy of Science

The topic of the inaugural Nexus lecture is random hypergraphs. Hypergraphs are generalisations of graphs in which each edge can join any number of vertices. In addition to being interesting mathematical objects in their own right, hypergraphs have a wide range of applications from machine learning to bioinformatics to network analysis. 

Professor Greenhill will discuss some recent results in random hypergraphs and randomized algorithms for generating hypergraphs. The lecture will be held in the Red Centre and will be followed by refreshments and nibbles. 

Please register for catering purposes and see below for more information.

What: Random hypergraphs and asymptotic enumeration, the Inaugural Nexus Lecture

When: Tuesday 4 October, 3:00-4:00pm, followed by refreshments and nibbles

Where: UNSW School of Maths & Stats, Red Centre, Centre Wing, Room 4082 (face-to-face only)

Who: Professor Catherine Greenhill

RSVP: Tuesday, 27 September. Registration webpage.