Chaired by Associate Professor Rita Henderson, the committee will ensure that the Faculty is making a strategic, measurable and impactful contribution towards the SDGs – a series of interlinked global goals designed to be a ‘shared blueprint for peace and prosperity for people and the planet, now and into the future’. 

“Universities have the potential to be instrumental in the success of the SDGs, with the impact of our research and projects extending across facets of human health, poverty reduction, environment, economics, justice and much more,” says Rita.

“The work of the UNSW Faculty of Engineering is known to be world-leading in many areas relevant to the SDGs, and we have an opportunity and a responsibility to leverage this work to its fullest potential to transform lives and ensure a sustainable future.”

The SDGs Committee is responsible for:

-        providing advice and recommendations to the Faculty Executive across research, education, international and EDI portfolios;

-        ensuring the Faculty SDG agenda supports the UNSW 2025+ Strategy and aligns to the objectives of UNSW’s SDGs Steering Committee;

-        overseeing the implementation of SDG-related initiatives and coordinating activities related to SDGs within the Faculty;

-        monitoring, evaluating and communicating progress of the Faculty’s impact related to SDGs; and

-        advocating for sustainable development to raise awareness among staff and students of the importance and relevance of SDGs within the Faculty and at UNSW.

The Committee of 13 includes a representative for each school and representatives for all Faculty portfolios.

The members are:

  • Rita Henderson (Chair, Dean’s delegate, A/Dean EDI, SDG Steering Co rep)
  • Lucian Hiss (Faculty Executive Director)
  • Andrew Dansie (HE Champions network lead, A/Dean International delegate)
  • Sami Kara (Deputy Dean Education Delegate)
  • Greg Leslie (Deputy Dean Industry Engagement and Innovation delegate)
  • Shiva Abdoli (MECH rep)
  • Lesa de Leau (CSE rep)
  • Tommy Wiedmann (CVEN rep)
  • Rong Deng (SPREE rep)
  • Jayashree Arcot (CHEM rep)
  • Luca Modenese (Biomed rep)
  • Simit Raval (MERE rep)
  • Hendra Nurdin (EET rep)

To read more on how universities can contribute to the SDGs see: .

If you would like to discuss how you can contribute to the SDGs, get in touch with one of the members of the SDG committee, and to read more about what is happening across UNSW, take a look at: