LGBTIQ+ and Ally Training

Since 2008, UNSW has built a network of students and staff who pledge to take a proactive stance against discrimination based on diverse genders, sexes and sexualities. The ally@UNSW network is made up of trained staff and students that aim to ensure that UNSW is a safe and welcoming place for all students and staff of diverse genders, sexes and sexualities (LGBTIQ+). After completing the training, active allies become trusted, safe, confidential contacts who continue to learn, recommend areas for improvement at UNSW, call out discrimination when it's safe to do so, and encourage LGBTIQ+ voices. 

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Disability Confident Training

In 2022, two types of Disability Confident Training, run by the Australian Network on Disability, are being offered to UNSW staff members and students. Disability Inclusive Communications gives participants the skills and knowledge to confidently communicate with people with disability, while providing an understanding of accessibility and inclusion in the workplace and learning environment. For staff who have people management roles, the Disability Confident Managers training assists managers to confidently manage people with disabilities within their teams and facilitate an inclusive and enabling workplace. 

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SBS Inclusion Program

The SBS Inclusion Program is designed to give all workers core skills and knowledge around inclusion in general, and also specifically around different diversity dimensions. It fosters workplaces where individuals can feel free, comfortable and safe to be who they are, and where the diversity that a person brings to a workplace, team or organisation is not only accepted but celebrated and capitalised on. The SBS Inclusion Program offers a ‘core’ course as well as courses in culture, gender and disability—all of which are delivered online. 

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