UNSW Creative Robotics Lab (CRL) at Paddington campus recently collaborated with South Eastern Community Connect (SECC) to introduce senior clients to the concept of social robots.

Using a co-design/participatory design approach, the project aims to develop creative activities, games, and physical training as applications proposed and designed by the senior costumers and coordinated by carers, SECC staff and Dr. Eduardo Sandoval. Shortly, a multidisciplinary team will be led by Dr Sandoval to further develop this project in a human-centred way.

Seniors, carers and young researchers at the CRL were enthusiastic about interacting with a range of social robots, from companion robots such as Paro the Baby Seal through to interactive robot arms such as the xArm 5. The project team will be looking to their next meeting to set up design groups, prototype and test the social robots in a productive and equalitarian way.