The School of Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) is excited to welcome four new academic staff members: Dr Zoltan Kocsis, Dr Yuchao Jiang, Kristian Mansfield and Dr Armin Chitizadeh. They each bring unique talents and experience, and we are looking forward to their contributions to our school.


Dr Zoltan Kocsis

Dr Kocsis joins CSE as a lecturer in Formal Methods. He holds a PhD in Mathematics.

He is a pure mathematician by training and has made contributions to nonstandard analysis, to the theory of treewidth, and to multiple combinatorial questions about algebraic and topological structures.

On the Computer Science side, Dr Kocsis works on the seL4 kernel and the seL4 Core Platform. His work focuses on the applications of logic and formal methods to operating systems, or more generally to software security, safety, and reliability. His most recent accomplishment is translation validation of seL4 on the new RISC-V CPU architecture.

Dr Yuchao Jiang

Dr Jiang joined CSE in October as an Associate Lecturer. She holds a Master’s in Computer Vision from the University of Adelaide and a PhD from UNSW CSE.

Since 2019, she has been teaching students at CSE as a casual academic in the courses Software as a Service Project, and Internet of Things Service Design and Engineering. Her research interests lie in crowdsourcing, sociotechnical services for project-based learning, and software system design.


Kristian Mansfield

Kristian Mansfield comes onboard as Associate Lecturer in Cybersecurity. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Cyber Security. Previously, he worked as a security consultant at Security Centric and Content Security, and in the corporate security team at Atlassian, an Australian software company.

Since 2018, he has been contributing to UNSW security courses, in particular Security Engineering.

Dr Armin Chitizadeh

Dr Chitizadeh is an Associate Lecturer in Software Engineering. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Software Engineering with first-class honours from UNSW and completed a PhD under Professor Michael Thielscher at CSE. His research interests lie in General Artificial Intelligence for multi-agent systems.

Since 2015, he has taught a wide range of courses at UNSW, including the Software Engineering Workshop 3, Data Science Project, and Fundamentals of Data Science courses. He also assisted running courses such as Artificial Intelligence, Engineering Design and Professional Practice, the Requirements and Design Workshop, Advanced Topics in Statistical Machine Learning, and Neural Networks and Deep Learning.

He received the IMC Pacific prize for his outstanding mark for the Algorithm course at UNSW in 2015. He was selected as the Postgraduate-by-Research Student Representative at CSE for three consecutive years (2017, 2018 and 2019). In 2019, he was also awarded the Best Presentation prize within CSE at the UNSW Engineering Postgraduate Research Symposium.