NDARC researchers are conducting a study investigating the safety and effectiveness of quit smoking medicines nicotine replacement therapy and varenicline (also known as Champix) when used during pregnancy.

Women who have experience with the maternity care system in Australia and lived experience of trying to quit smoking are invited to collaborate on this research as consumer representatives. You do not need to have used quit smoking medicines, although such experience would be very welcome.

Consumer representatives will be invited to join two or three online meetings each year with the research team and will be paid sitting fees of $80 per hour in line with recommendations from the Consumer Health Forum.

To conduct this study, the researchers will analyse data that has been routinely collected by health services in multiple countries including Australia, New Zealand, Norway and Sweden.

The input from consumer representatives will help ensure that the methodological decisions the research team make, and their interpretation of findings align with the experiences of women accessing maternity services in Australia and women who try to quit smoking.

Please contact lead researcher, Dr Alys Havard if you are interested and/or would like further information.