We are excited to welcome Scientia Associate Professor Yulei Sui to the School of Computer Science and Engineering. Prof. Sui is an ARC Future Fellow and is broadly interested in Program Analysis, Secure Software Engineering and Machine Learning. In particular, his research focuses on building open-source and machine-learning-based frameworks to improve the reliability and security of software and AI systems. His recent interest lies at the intersection of programming languages, natural languages, and machine learning. Specifically, his current research projects include trustworthy machine learning, software analysis and verification for bug detection through data mining and deep learning.

His papers have been published in the top-tier conferences and journals in the field of software engineering and program analysis such as TSE, TOSEM, ICSE, FSE, OOPSLA, ECOOP, ISSTA, ASE, SAS, CGO and CC. He was a plenary talk speaker at EuroLLVM 2016, and has been awarded a 2022 OOPSLA Distinguished Artifact Award, a 2021 ICSE Distinguished Reviewer, 2020 OOPSLA Distinguished Paper, a 2019 SAS Best Paper, a 2018 ICSE Distinguished Paper, a 2013 CGO Best Paper, JSPS Invitational Fellowship (2022), ARC Discovery Early Career Researcher Award (2017-2019) and ARC Future Fellowship (2023-2026).

We look forward to Prof. Sui’s contributions to the School of Computer Science and Engineering!