On 3 February 2023, 200 health researchers from our community came together in Leighton Hall, UNSW Sydney for Health-X: Future Research and Impact. This is the first annual Health-X symposium to showcase a wide range of research across UNSW Medicine & Health. 

The attendees came from a diverse mix of disciplines across the Faculty, including our affiliated institutions. There was representation from the five UNSW Medicine & Health research themes:

The program consisted of a mix of panel discussions and keynote speeches showcasing how the Faculty’s research has delivered exciting, real-world outcomes and how these successes may be continued into the future. Attendees were also invited to reflect upon and discuss how the thematic approach to research has worked thus far, and how it could be further developed. 

Key takeaways from the symposium were the need for increased collaboration across the themes, as well as incorporating a greater diversity of voice and experience. 

A recording of the event will be circulated once available.