The NSW and Federal Governments have recognised that government-led approaches haven’t worked to meaningfully Close the Gap and deliver positive outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. Both governments have pointed to the need for genuine partnership with Aboriginal communities for better outcomes. However, government data services, procurement and granting processes and systems are not currently designed to consistently and deliberately enable community access, input or leadership.

This new YN Policy Paper undertaken in collaboration with Nook Studios sets out ways to achieve genuine partnership and changes required in the way that governments currently identify investment priorities and contract with organisations to deliver services, run programs and provide advice.

To allow Aboriginal community-controlled organisations to take the lead, be appropriately resourced, and be able to deliver the better outcomes for their communities - things need to be done differently. It will require new avenues of funding and fundamental changes in government contracting practices, information sharing, data access and quality, and the creation of information systems designed to meet community needs. This Policy Paper sets out practical steps towards genuine partnership and shifting government practice to align with commitments to greater community control, place-based and shared decision making.