The paper, titled 'Coarse-grained CFD-DEM modelling of dense gas-solid reacting flow', was published in March of 2022 and has since then received widespread recognition for its innovative approach and findings to large-scale dense multi-phase reacting flow field. In this work, the recent developed CFD-DEM reactive model was extended to a coarse-grained CFD-DEM reactive model to describe multi-phase and thermochemical processes of dense gas-solid reacting flow. As a priori application of the CGM, the simulation of biomass gasification in a fully 3-D BFBG within about 10e6 real particles is conducted in this work corresponding to a lab-scale experiment. Based on the present work, the CGM is proved to be a cost-effective tool to simulate multi-physics processes of dense gas-solid reacting systems. Our group's dedication and hard work has resulted in this prestigious recognition, demonstrating our commitment to advancing the field and making a meaningful impact.

This ranking is a testament to the quality of our research and the significance of our findings, which have been widely cited by other researchers and have influenced future studies in the field. We are proud of this achievement and look forward to continuing our work to push the boundaries of scientific knowledge and make a positive impact in this field.

We look forward to future breakthroughs.