The Shen ProMO Lab hosted the 2nd UNSW-PNU workshop on reacting flow & thermal engineering, which was a highly successful event that brought together researchers from the University of New South Wales (UNSW) and Pusan National University (PNU) in the fields of reacting flow and thermal engineering.

The workshop consisted of six presentations given by researchers from UNSW (Prof. Yansong Shen,  Dr. Yiran Liu and Mr. Siwoo Jung) and PNU (Prof. Juhun Song, Prof. Heechang Lim and Prof. Gyungmin Choi). These presentations covered a range of topics including particle-scale modelling of reacting flow and applications, liquid CO2 drying and coal combustion, renewable fule combustion in ironmaking blast furnace, and the application of AI and machine learning in the fluid dynamics etc., which provided attendees with a comprehensive overview of the latest research and development in these fields.

In addition to the presentations, the workshop also featured roundtable discussions, where attendees had the opportunity to engage in open and productive discussions with their peers. These discussions provided a valuable platform for attendees to exchange ideas, collaborate on new projects, and network with other professionals in the field.

After the informative and engaging sessions, attendees were treated to a delicious lunch, where they continued their discussions in a relaxed and convivial setting. The lunch was a great opportunity for attendees to get to know each other better and build new relationships.

In conclusion, the 2nd UNSW-PNU Workshop on Reacting Flow & Thermal Engineering was a valuable opportunity for experts in the field to come together, share their knowledge, and make new connections. Both ProMO of UNSW and PNU are already looking forward to future collaborations and events.