The European Mortgage Federation welcomed Professor Mat Santamoris, who spoke about high performance architecture and how it can help cool overheated cities around the world. 

More than 1.7 billion people struggle with severe overheating and an estimated 225 billion square meters of floor area to be built in emerging countries like India, Indonesia, and Brazil, the need for energy efficient solutions to combat overheating is immediate and urgent.

Prof. Santamorousi’s research is having real world impact and showing real world stakeholders how to make a more energy efficient future. 

“Decarbonisation of buildings and mitigation of heat in our cities require a full mobilisation and a sincere engagement of the financial sector and authorities,” says Prof. Santamouris 

“I am deeply honoured to present together with EMF- ECBC some insights on the technological and financial tools to decarbonise our Buildings and mitigate overheating in our cities."