The Australian Renewable Energy Agency has marked womens’ contribution to the field of renewable energy with a series of profiles of outstanding female pioneers in the research and development of sustainable technologies. 

SPREE’s Xiaojing Hao and Alison Ciesla shared their insights and experiences as women working in solar, from how they got their start in their careers, to where they see their achievements taking them – and their fellow women engineers – into the future.

We’re so proud to have them, and all our female students, teachers and researchers, driving the renewable energy sector forward with their incredible work with us at SPREE.

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As a woman, I feel like this is a really great time to be a solar engineer.
Xiaojing Hao holding cellular panels in hand

Professor Xiaojing Hao

ARC future Fellow

A fresh mind that isn’t trapped by existing norms, is so valuable!
Ali Ciesla

Ali Ciesla

Scientia lecturer