Dr. Hao Jin, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of JinkoSolar, one of the leading solar module manufacturers in the world, visited the ProMO on 19th Apr. 2023. JinkoSolar was the second-largest solar module producer in terms of shipment in 2022 and the most successful N-type product provider, according to new data.31 Jan 2023. During his visit, Dr. Jin expressed his delight in visiting the facility, stating, "Glad to visit the largest PV recycling research lab in the world." He continued, "Very happy to see the vibrant research and development of viable PV panel recycling technology, from upstream delamination for Al and glass recycling to downstream leaching for valuable metal recovery." Dr. Hao Jin announced that JinkoSolar has agreed to provide cash and in-kind contributions to support the PV recycling research at UNSW Shen Lab. This partnership highlights JinkoSolar's commitment to sustainable energy solutions and the circular economy.

Niki Shigeru, PhD, who is the General Director of the Sustainable Energy Unit Technology Strategy Center (TSC) at the New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO), visited ProMO at the same day. Niki Shigeru expressed strong interest in the lab's PV recycling technology and was impressed by the fundamental and applied research conducted across a wide range of TRLs in this area. Niki was particularly interested in further discussions and potential collaborations between ProMO UNSW and NEDO's PV recycling experts.

The visits of Dr. Hao Jin and Niki Shigeru to ProMO UNSW underscore the growing importance of PV recycling research and development in the global solar industry. Their support and engagement signal a bright future for sustainable energy solutions and international cooperation in the field.