The School of Computer Science and Engineering invited student prize winners and their families to the annual Prize Night on Wednesday 17 May to honour their achievements. Many of our generous prize sponsors were also on campus to present the prizes in person.

“At the School of Computer Science and Engineering, we pride ourselves on the quality of our programs, the brilliance and diligence and of our students, and the dedication and inspiration provided by our academics. All of them spark off each other and raise the standards all round. This is clearly evident on Prize Night, with the diversity of prizes and winners on display,” says Professor Arcot Sowmya, Head of School of Computer Science and Engineering.


Congratulations to all our winners!

The Anita Borg Prize - 1st Place

Ada Luong

The Anita Borg Prize - 2nd Place

Aditi Nitturkar

The Anita Borg Prize - 3rd Place

Leonie Dickson

The Optiver COMP6771 Prize

Kenvin Yu

The Ben Rudzyn Memorial Prize

Giuliana De Bellis

The Jane Street COMP3141 Prize - 1st Place

Steve (Seongryeol) Jang

The Jane Street COMP3141 Prize - 2nd Place

Weijie Wang

The Jane Street COMP3141 Prize - 3rd Place

Tsun Wang Sau

The ROKT COMP2041 Prize

Jack Jinkui Li

Autumn Compass COMP4128 Prize - 1st Place

Cameron Leslie Nicholas McGowan

Autumn Compass COMP4128 Prize - 2nd Place

Amos Li Sheng Tan

Autumn Compass COMP4128 Prize - 3rd Place

Lewis Samuel Cullen

The IMC COMP3121/3821 Prize - 1st Place

Anders Shen-Wen Mah

The IMC COMP3121/3821 Prize - 2nd Place

Isaiah Lee-Han Iliffe

The IMC COMP3121/3821 Prize - 3rd Place

Bohan Wang

The Displayr COMP4931 Prize - 1st Place

Michael Arnold Cunanan

The Jump Trading COMP3231/9201/3891/9283 Prize - 1st Place

Joanna Lin

The Jump Trading COMP3231/9201/3891/9283 Prize - 2nd Place

Leighton Fan

The Jump Trading COMP3231/9201/3891/9283 Prize - 3rd Place

Trent Russell

The Jump Trading COMP3222 Digital Circuits and Systems Prize

Blake Morris

Jane Street Comp3161 Prizes

Anders Shen-Wen Mah

Jane Street Comp3161 Prizes

Xavier Cooney

Jane Street Comp3161 Prizes

Yasiru Jayasooriya

Arista Networks COMP9242 Prize

Patrick Hao

Norman Foo Memorial Best Research Paper Prize

Cong Cong

The Optiver SENG3011 Group Prize

Noa Challis

Emily Chiew

Jasmin Oren

Elisabeth Cola

Rahul Triparthi

Macquarie Prizes In Engineering

Feiyue Ma

Kyle Wu

Lillian Thai

Wenjie Liu

The Berrijam Jam Awards – First place

Berry Good "Classification of Breast Cancer in Mammograms"

Aaleen Ahmed, Hamza Jalal, Harsh Murali, Jaehwi Park, Teewin Xiao

The Berrijam Jam Awards – Second place

Big Brains "Understanding Airline Satisfaction"

Hanh Nguyen, Jae Hyun Jeon, Melissa Priscilla, Rafael Dairokuno, William Dahl

The Berrijam Jam Awards – Third place

NAFT "Mortality Rates of ICU Patients with Heart Failure"

Anish Saraogi, Bertram Chung Lai Lee, Frank Yun Li, Novin Wijesundara, Tanya Hollis

Berrijam Innovative Applications of AI Awards

Passionfruit "Rice Leaf Disease"

JJCSY "Fake News Detection"

Team Spirit "Authorship Identification"

Big Brain Machine Learners "Energy Prediction"

The Last of Us “Predict Car Crash Severity”