Every year, the Law & Society Association (LSA) awards recognise great achievements, including with its International prize honouring a body of scholarship that has contributed significantly to the advancement of knowledge in the field. 

The Kaldor Centre congratulates 2023 winner Sharyn Roach Anleu of Flinders University and Jane McAdam for honourable mention.

The Prize Committee noted that McAdam has made significant contributions to the understanding of climate-change-related forced migration, quoting one nominator, who wrote: ‘Her work conceptualised the phenomenon of “climate change-related displacement” in international law for the first time, resulting in new theoretical and practical approaches to the subject.’

Another nominator wrote, ‘using an interdisciplinary approach combining field research, archival studies, and legal analysis [Professor McAdam] has contributed in innovative ways to the understanding of the complex inter-relationships between society and law in the area of human mobility. This is particularly true for her pioneering and ground-breaking work on the different forms of human mobility in the context of disasters and the adverse effects of climate change.

'Her books and articles on this issue have not only received the highest praise and wide-spread recognition but have virtually set the foundation for a new and broad field of research today and the years to come.’

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